A History of
Expertise & Reliability

American Services has grown from an entrepreneurial start-up in 1975 to become one of the largest Southeastern-based multi-faceted service firms with over 5,000 personnel in security, staffing and janitorial. The company currently provides security, staffing and janitorial services for manufacturing, headquarters, healthcare, and commercial clients in Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Much of this growth has come at the request of existing clients to serve as a regional contractor. Many of these clients operate in environments where industry-specific certifications and/or federal and state agency regulations are a critical element of daily operations. These clients include healthcare, aerospace, food processing, banking, commercial, and U.S. government contracts.

Originally known for comprehensive security services, American Security merged with its sister organizations American Commercial & Industrial (ACI Janitorial), and Action Staffing to form a full service organization known as American Services, Inc. in 1997. This incorporation of companies has enabled American Services to fulfill a variety of clients’ outsourcing needs.

The merger of these three service companies into one organization provides a greater mix of services under a single corporate umbrella. With the changes and growth that have taken place over the years, American Services remains a tightly held private company with its founder, Henry Harrison, serving as chairman. This ownership structure is expected to continue well into the future, enabling American Services to make decisions as it always has: earning business that it can maintain over the long term.